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Perfect SEX performance & Better Health & Muscle Tone.

Opt to the perfect SEX performance
Super strong Formulation Super-18 Rock Power
For men of age below 40 yrs.
Ultra powerful Formulation
Super-Platinum Jumbo Power
For men of age 40+ (with or without Bp/ Sugar).
·         It enhances the orgasm (Up to perfection).
·        Treats Erectile Dysfunction (ED) by any reason.
·        Stops Early Ejaculation & increases the Intercourse Time.
·        Increases the length of the Organ (Penis).
·        Increase spermatozoa count.
·        Concentrates Semen.
·        Increases stamina during SEX performance. 
1. Helps Fight Unwanted Weight Gain by reducing your body fat.
2. Boosts Energy & helps gain muscle power.
3. Promotes Skeletal Health, boosting athletic performance.
4. Mood Supporting benefits & anti depressant effect.
5. Encourages Normalization of Blood Sugar. 
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