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Proven Formulation for Health & Muscle Building.

DrKapoor’s FAST ACTING “HEALTH-PLUS” Proven Formulation for Health & Muscle Building.  All Herbs, No Hormones. No side Effects. Extremely Better Results. A Great Formulation containing the established Health-building extracts that are exclusively for all forms of Weakness and Poor Muscle Tone up to 70 yrs of age. IDEAL For : • Youngsters for Better Health & Muscle Tone.  • Mature and Elderly,  • Diabetics, Hypertensives, Patients with Kidney, Heart, Liver & Digestive Problems. • During & After Chronic Disease/ Illness. For details Click: ATTN: Fast Home Delivery Worldwide. Cell/ WhatsApp: +91 94179 40007 Dr. Kapoor Clinic Treating the clients since 1982 Bathinda, Punjab, INDIA