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"Health-PLUS” with 1kg of 99% pure Soy Protein Isolate.

Dr. Kapoor’s Revolutionary "Health-PLUS”  with 1kg of 99% pure Protein   ( Soy Protein  Isolate) . 30 gms of our " Soy Protein" offers your body 27 gms of protein.  Don't waste money on Whey Proteins. Want to  • Enjoy the Life with a Good muscular body. • Remain Healthy, Fit, Smart, And Active. • Remain full of energy. • Develop better Stamina at any age, even after 45+. • Develop a good muscle mass at any age. • “Health-PLUS” is a “Right Choice” for you. • A regular person can develop his/ her muscle mass & maintain a model-like physique. Click below and spare a moment to read carefully.