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Are you concerned/ worried about your SEX problems?

Are you concerned/ worried about your SEX problems?
Does getting and maintaining the erection is virtually nonexistent for you?
Do you get discharged just with in a minute?
Don’t worry. You can attain “never before Stunning SEX Power” ---------NOW.
We have 37-year track record of delivering incomparable quality results, safety and performance for…
Opt to the required Hard Core Treatment.
1.”Super Rock Power”- A highly Powerful Herbal Medicine for MALES below 40 yrs, without hypertension, diabetes, smoking
2. “Super Jumbo Power”- A Extremely Powerful Herbal medicine for males of 40+. (Extremely effective for Smokers, Drinkers, Hypertensive and Diabetics.
Both options work for…
• Erectile Dysfunction,
• Early Ejaculation.
• Lack of Libido/ Desire.
• Oligospermia?
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Shipped worldwide.
Dr. Kapoor Senior SEXOLOGIST
Treating the clients since 1980
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